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480Mb/Throughput Unit Includes All Cloud/VoIP Features & Cloud Central Small Form Factor Includes Basic Support

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The SimpleWan Firewall system delivers ease of use with centralized management and combines them with active real-time cyber security protection. Our “Cloud Managed” solution helps the firewall manager view. analyze and recieve alerts of any pending issues or compliance issues. Save resources and time by using the SimpleWan solution. Our clients have 80% reduction in the number of support phone calls and a 75% reduction in time for support calls over using competing products.

SimpleWan provides real-time HIPAA & PCI compliance reporting. With a click of a button, you can view full network compliance reports, and quickly determine if anything has changed to put compliance in jeopardy.

Protected from even the latest cyber security threats, even if they were just invented. SimpleWan productsbget real-time updates and protection. Traditionalbfirewalls quickly become outdated while the SimpleWan solution is up to date every minute of everyday. even against the latest threats that may only be a few hours old.

Fully-Meshed “MPLS emulation” is known and patented as vMPLS. T his provides MPLS like network connectivity and prioritization on any type of connection. regardless of region or service provider. vMPLS is self healing and a fully smart routing technology to keep multi-location companies connected in just about any condition.

Always up Internet is key for companies that run credit cards over their Internet. SimpleWan has both hard wired fail-over. as well as. 46 wireless backup capabilities. delivering high availability connectivity to standard Internet connections

Fully Automatic 2-Way Traffic Prioritization/Traffic Shaping-QOS. All SimpleWan products can detect the “real” streaming speed of an Internet connection and auto prioritize important traffic. such as VoIP & Video calls. This prioritization keeps calls sounding clear and by being fully automatic reduces customer call quality issues.

MOS Scoring and Low Call Quality Alerts. Break down each call and even identify the ANI provider owner in real-time through the interface all from the customer’s perspective.

Look Back In Time & Auditing. Most complianced require full change logs and the ability to look at historical network conditions at a certain point in time. Because SimpleWan is cloud managed, we store this data and break it down in an easy to find, easy to read format. Every change to the device is tracked forever.

Easily track historical site speed tests. all tests are tracked and graphed for easy to troubleshoot and trend diagnostics. T his technology makes sure you get what you are paying for from your ISP. we even include SLA tracking.

SimpleWan has a full suite of route tracking. Internet connection stress testing. and performance diagnostics. Our tools simplify the process of diagnosing ISP issue and easily translate the data into something the ISP can quickly use to fix the problem.

Standard Features

  • Firewall
  • Router
  • Built In WiFi -Wireless-6 Rules
  • NAT
  • 1:1 NAT
  • DMZ
  • DHCP
  • VPN
  • Multi-Level User Access Cloud Management Configuration Templates Notifications
  • DyDNS
  • Firewall Log
  • Sync Log
  • SIP ALG/Proxy
  • Traffic Shaping

Physical Ports

  • 1 – WAN
  • 1 – Backup WAN
  • 1 – USB 4G
  • 1 – Serial Diagnostics 1- Reset Button
  • 1 – Power LED
  • 1 – Internet LED
  • 1 – Active LED


  • HIPAA Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Compliance Audit Log
  • Compliance Notifications


  • Max Active Connections: 8,900.000 300 Users
  • 480Mbps Max Throughput
  • 250 vM PLS Node Network
  • Dual Wan Fail-over
  • 1000Mbps Connection


  • Advanced WAN Load Testing
  • Power Supply Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Connection Speed Tracking
  • MOS Score Diagnostics
  • Historical Bandwidth Stats
  • Jitter & Latency Tracking


Breach Notifications
Attack Map Tracking
Traffic Pattern Alerts
Malware Site Blocking
Zero Day Updates
World Auto Breach & Block
1GHz Dual Core AMO T40E
4GB DDR3-1066 DRAM
4GB On-Board Memory
Dimensions 6.61″ x 6.18″ x 1.18″
Fan-less / Passive Heat-sink
3x 1Gb Ethernet Ports
12v 11 Watt Power Usage
USB for 4G LTE
A New Cyber Attack Blocking WIFI – Wireless
HIPAA/PCI Compliance Reports* IPS/IDS Firewall
Auto QOS Calibration
Content Filtering*
SLA Connectivity Testing Diagnostic Tools
Dual Wan Fail-Over*
4G Wireless Backup* Advanced WAN Connectivity Memory Monitoring
Power Supply Monitoring Temperature Monitoring Speed Test Tracking
Jitter & Latency Tracking IPSEC VPN
1:1 NAT
Port Forwarding
Dynamic Rules
Dynamic DNS
Proxy ARP
ARP Device Tracking
User Specific Access Control Troubleshooting VPN
Device Geocoding
VLAN 801.q Tagging
Firewall Packet Capture Bandwidth Statistics
Service Type Tracking
Static Routes
Internal Threat Analytics